Let it snow!

Snow whenever and wherever you want it! 

Global changes to the climate mean that the snowfall in ski resorts is less and less reliable. This has dramatic consequences for regions where winter tourism is a primary source of income. 

To remain as flexible as possible, Austrian piste operators rely on portable snow cannons.



GH Schläuche als Wasserzuleitung für Schneekanonen | © GH

GH snow cannon hoses with double jacket construction

Ever flexible despite the cold

Portable snow cannons are supplied with water by water transport hoses. In one case study, the weak points in this operation soon became apparent: the hoses used were unable to stand the strain. The operators of the pistes turned to Gollmer & Hummel.

Solving this problem became our mission:
to develop a snow cannon hose with double jacket construction, which is reliable, weatherproof, very hard-wearing, pressure-resistant, and flexible. And extruded with TÜV-certified Lüdecke SnowMaster couplings.

We did it!

Hose Abrasion resistance Stability under pressure Flexibility at low temperatures

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