The GH hose package carrying system can be easily shouldered so that one hand is free | © GH

GH Hose pack

Always a hand free

Video: Blast open hose package

Practical test GH hose pack carrying system

We know how stress-free hose management helps everyday heroes: The GH hose pack carrying system is perfect for transporting hoses during indoor attacks or forest fires.


The package can be placed over the shoulder and comfortably held by the handle, leaving one hand free. In contrast to the hose carrying basket, the laborious removal of the hose is no longer necessary.


Once at the smoke line, the Velcro straps are released manually. The highlight: Under pressure, the hose unfolds into rings lying on top of each other in the smallest possible space - without knotting!


The hose package has clear advantages over classic carrying systems such as the carrying basket or the hose reel:



  • Hose package can be easily carried on the shoulder
  • The hands are free for other equipment
  • Jet pipe can be packed into the hose package as well
  • The hose reserve can be positioned vertically on the wall as a hose loop to save space

Packing & bursting the hose package correctly

To ensure that the hose is not damaged and that the hose package can show its advantages, it is important that it is also packed correctly.


Unfortunately, we see again and again that unsuitable aids such as adhesive tape or cable ties are used. We have compared the various options for you and used water pressure to burst open the hose packages.


Not all tools are suitable for bursting, in our video we show the different results in a practical test. Have fun watching!

With the GH carrying system for hose package, one hand is always free | © GH

After use, wrapping and lashing the hose pack is easy: eyelets and velcro straps play together so that the carrying system adapts individually.

Perfect hose management in the tightest conditions

Due to the GH 4Z weave and GH Flatline vulcanization, GH fire hoses for indoor attack are particularly flat, extremely abrasion-resistant, light, supple, always resulting in a compact hose package! The perfect complement: the GH carrying system!

Hose Abrasion resistance Bending radius

Proven alternative

Hose Abrasion resistance Bending radius

Our recommendation for Swiss fire brigades

Hose Abrasion resistance Bending radius

Lightweight – flexible – tough!
What makes a good hose?

If there’s a firefighter’s heart and soul in every fiber of a hose, then it’s a hose from Gollmer & Hummel that you can rely on. 


Quality that’s tested to within an inch of its life is our way of paying respect to our everyday heroes – for the past 150 years.


Hoses that don’t just meet the standard but also stand up to practical use are our passion.


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