Safe in an emergency - protecting drinking water quality

For emergency water supply, bypass lines, and general water supply in locations not permanently connected to a potable water supply, the hoses used must be


  • robust,
  • flexible 
  • particularly smooth on the inside

inside. In an emergency, the water supply of people depends on you!

To ensure that the water quality supplied is maintained, the inside of the hose must not be a place where germs feel at home.
We know this and produce drinking water hoses in accordance with the applicable food hygiene regulations.

GH hoses for drinking water supply protect drinking water quality | © GH

Drinking water transport - safely supplied with potable water in an emergency

The protection of hose fabric and water quality goes back to extrusion:


In it, the fabric layer is meticulously centered in the special drinking water polyurethane (TPU) - the TPU used is very smooth and meets food hygiene requirements!

PU potable water hoses

Hose Abrasion resistance Flexibility

Fabric flat hose as drinking water hose

Titan LBM PU

Hose Abrasion resistance Flexibility

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