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25.07.2023 Fire fighting

Hose management for indoor attacks

Hose basket, hose package - or what? A hose reserve is an indisputable part of hose management for interior attack. What tools are there? What has been proven in practice?

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GH hoses for effective internal attack  | © GH
20.04.2023 Agriculture hoses

How to re-bind an agricultural hose

In the case of many PU hoses that are in use, the diameter changes over time - the hose literally wears out. As a result, you fail at the very first assembly step - putting the hose over the nozzle - and have to reach into the bag of tricks to make the hose usable again. How can it be done differently?

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Liquid manure hosing on a agriculture green field in south of germany | © GH
13.04.2023 Drinking Water

Hard skin - smooth core

Compared to temporary rigid drinking water pipes, GH drinking water hoses are flexible and pliable despite their resistance to mechanical and weather influences. Unlike pipelines made of individual sections, the use of drinking water hoses does not lead to corrosion and, as a result, to contamination and leaks. What makes a safe drinking water hose? Where can flat hoses be used effectively for drinking water supply?

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GH hoses for drinking water supply protect drinking water quality | © GH
20.03.2023 Fire fighting

Forest firefighting: what belongs to the equipment?

The goal of fire departments is to rescue, extinguish, recover and protect. Of course, this is also true when it comes to forest or vegetation fires. In particular, people and animals must be protected, as well as structures such as buildings and vegetation that is in danger of burning to the ground.


Forest fire expert Florian Jerge (@fire Internationaler Katastrophenschutz e.V.) gives tips. 

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Firefighters fight a forest fire on the slope | © GH
01.02.2023 Irrigation

Let it rain

In agriculture, water supply is essential for stable harvest formation. Supply hoses have to do a lot as a "lifeline" for different irrigation systems ...

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Irrigation system circular sprinkler with GH irrigation hose as supply hose | © GH
26.01.2023 Liquid manure hosing

Spread smart!

With slurry hosing, the slurry is delivered to the field via a hose: The advantages result from the fact that the tractor with the spreading unit travels across the field in loops, protecting the soil. The advantages result from the fact that the tractor with the spreading unit travels across the field in loops, protecting the soil, and delivers the liquid manure evenly to the ground.



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16.03.2023 Fire fighting

Hose development - fire hoses

It has been a long road from the hand-woven hemp hose of 1872 to the fire hose used for firefighting today.


In the case of Gollmer & Hummel, proximity to practice and the users - the firefighters - plays a major role. You can only develop the perfect hose if you know exactly what the needs and requirements are ...

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06.06.2022 150 years of Gollmer & Hummel

#hoselove since 1872

Gollmer & Hummel is a family business that has always changed and will continue to change in order to continue its worldwide successes. If in 1872 Friedrich Gollmer painstakingly wove 1,500 meters of hemp hose by hand, 150 years later 1 million meters of hose for a wide variety of sectors - from agriculture to firefighting and industry - are in stock. Christoph Schönthaler takes a look at the company archives for us ...

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GH Headquarters in Straubenhardt | © GH