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Gollmer & Hummel fire fighting hoses
What's within a GH fire hose?

When firefighters battle flames and fearlessly tackle disasters, they have to have absolute faith. Faith in themselves, their team and their equipment – so that every individual can be protected.


For more than 150 years we have been manufacturing fire hoses as fabric flat hose / pressure hose, suction hose or dimensionally stable light hose of the various performance levels in different sizes (example pressure hose): 

  • D-pressure hose, diameter 25 mm
  • C-pressure hose, diameter 42 or 52 mm
  • B-pressure hose, diameter 75 mm
  • A-pressure hose, diameter 110 mm

Tip: You will find all details clearly arranged for each fire hose and your personal contact person on the product page, which you can also download as pdf

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Firefighter saves child and is everyday hero | © GH

Auf Herz und Nieren geprüfte Qualität ist unsere Art, Alltagshelden Respekt zu zollen – seit über 150 Jahren.

fire fighting knowledge

Definitions of terms around fire hoses and their production

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Fire hoses: Questions & Answers

Layflat Fire hoses –
an elevated understanding for everyday heroes

GH hoses for effective internal attack  | © GH
Type 1 fire hoses
Uncoated fire hoses
Type 2 fire hoses
Coated fire hoses
Type 3 fire hoses
Rubberized fire hoses
GH water transport hoses for large water demand at a fire scene | © GH
Large diameter hoses
For transporting water
Forest fire hoses
Cut flames down to size
GH hoses for effective rapid attack on small fires | © GH
Lightweight booster fire hoses
For fast attack

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GH titan attack: Fire hose as a reserve of performance

GH Titan Attack
Orange GH TITAN ATTACK as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Bending radius

GH Titan x-treme: Unmissable fire hose in the interior attack

GH Titan X-Treme Gelb
Neonyellow GH TITAN X-TREME as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Bending radius
Fire resistance

GH Progress: More than standard compliance In the hose package

GH Progress
Red GH PROGRESS PRO as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Bending radius

GH Progress Flame: first self-wetting GH forest fire hose

GH Progress Flame
Red GH PROGRESS FLAME as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Bending radius
Fire resistance

Binding variants & Couplings for fire hoses

Learn more about the binding options and hose couplings (fittings) for fire hoses. 

We face up to baptisms of fire

When putting out fires, hose quality is a matter of life and death: everyday heroes are on the front line against the fire in the toughest conditions in buildings, stairways and apartments. They are often in tight corners.


For a successful firefighting strategy, the hose must withstand maximum stress without compromise.


We know this, and always design our hoses as life insurance for everyday heroes. 


How exactly do we do this?

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Tight bending radius

Highly resistant to abrasion

Flexible lining

Compact when wound up

Resistant to impact and friction

Supple handling

Gollmer & Hummel Tipps for the optimum hose treatment

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With practical tips and valuable info for everyday heroes. 

GH hose fittings & more
for everyday heroes 

Learn more about

  • GH EASY-FIX EVO 2 binding system
  • GH hose package carrying system
  • Binding variants - from the classic wire binding to the Storz segment binding
  • GH HOSE-GUARD protective sleeve
Fittings & accessories for fire hoses
The GH hose package carrying system can be easily shouldered so that one hand is free | © GH

Not 08/15

To ensure the hose follows every attack movement, allows an unobstructed flow of extinguishing agent and there are no extreme point loads at kinks, all threads come together in our GH 4Z weave system.

This guarantees a tight bending radius. What’s more, the weft thread is perfectly concealed and protected from abrasion. The hose remains supple at performance levels L2 and L3.

 We weave so that your hose is at your side every step of the way!

A hose at your command

Standard hoses vulcanized in the conventional way often form a stubborn elliptical shape when lying flat. Sound familiar?

It does to us – and we know what to do about it. Our special GH flatline vulcanization endows your hose with the very best properties.

The hose is rolled out to its full length and inflated with steam at a certain temperature and over a certain duration. The result is a hose that is flat and supple when you use it. And fits back in its hose basket without a fuss.

 We do this because firefighters don’t need any hose drama on the job!

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