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Achieve stable crop yields regardless of the weather with agricultural irrigation hoses & sprinkler hoses as part of irrigation technology.

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Man-made sprinkling and irrigation
in agriculture

An adequate supply of water is crucial to ensure stable crop yields.


Greenhouse crops are, by their nature, dependent on irrigation. For outdoor crops, less frequent precipitation and increasing heavy rainfall events are both having a negative effect on the main vegetation period.


With increasing global warming, the risk of losing the year’s harvest due to frost grows: woody plants sprout early and the period during which frost can cause harm therefore becomes longer.

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Irrigation system circular sprinkler with GH irrigation hose as supply hose | © GH

Irrigation Management
REACT: With artificial irrigatioN

Although all systems serve the same purpose - targeted irrigation or sprinkling - the respective water supply hose as the "main artery" must be able to withstand different stresses such as ozone / UV radiation, chemicals, acids, fertilizers or simply the soil conditions.


For irrigation management to work, the farmer must be able to rely on his system and the warer supply hoses during this time. If there were a pressure drop in the hose line due to a damaged hose, the technology would shut down and valuable time would be lost during which crops could suffer irreparable damage. 


Gollmer & Hummel develops agricultural hoses for sprinkling, irrigation and slurry hosing in such a way that each hose has maximum load-bearing capacity, tensile strength and abrasion resistance


Whatever technology you use is your choice - feeder hoses from Gollmer & Hummel for sprinkler machines and irrigation systems are always the first choice!

GH Water Hoses Sprinkling & Irrigation Comparison

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Inner and outer rubberized feeder hose for irrigation systems

GH Hilcoflex
Black GH HILCOFLEX as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance

Lightweight & flexible Feeder Hose for irrigation systems

GH Hilcoflex PU
Black GH HILCOFLEX PU as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Bending radius

flexible Feeder Hose for irrigation systems

GH Titan 2F
White GH TITAN 2F as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance

Proven Feeder Hose for irrigation systems

GH Herkules 2F (Beregnung)
Red GH HERKULES 2F as a hose roll | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Bending radius

Excellent layer adhesion for reliable feeding of Drop irrigation systems

GH P-Flex M
Dark blue GH P-FLEX-M as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance

Binding variants & hose couplings

Learn more about couplings (fittings) and binding options for slurry hoses and irrigation hoses!

Layflat irrigation hoses –
an elevated understanding for everyday heroes

Hose reeled on, providing water for sprinkler system | © GH
Feeder Hoses for semi-stationary distribution systems
Right where you need it
Hoses that supply water to fully mobile equipment such as pivot or traveler systems | © GH
Feeder hoses for fully mobile systems
On the move
Drip irrigation in potato cultivation | © GH
feeder Hoses for drip irrigation systems
Reliability for every drop

Irrigation hose as a reliable lifeline for irrigation systems

Our irrigation hoses are made to reliably make rain for our everyday heroes! We know what counts: 


  • For semi-stationary systems such as circular or linear irrigation setups, the pumping station and feeder hose are permanently installed on site – only the sprinkler pipes can be moved flexibly around the area. With drip irrigation, too, the feeder hose that supplies the irrigation lines lies stationary on the ground. It can also be used as the basis for the irrigation lines.


  • For fully mobile systems such as pivot/traveler units, the sprinkler pipes, pumping station and feeder hose can all be moved around. This means that the supply line is always in motion across the land and is subjected to major mechanical stress.


With their in-house developed rubber compounds, Gollmer & Hummel hoses are ideally suited to a variety of climatic requirements. They are resistant to oil, gasoline and many agricultural chemicals, as well as ozone and UV radiation.


Processed specifically for the job in hand, they promise all the properties that our everyday heroes need for irrigation.



Find out about hose quality and advantages

High tensile strength

Resistant to abrasion


Compact when wound up

Maintains a constant diameter

Supple handling


What’s inside matters

During the extrusion of rubber or PU hoses, we center the jacket layer so that it has optimum protection. For intact fabric safeguards the hose’s tensile strength and makes sure it is puncture-resistant and withstands natural abrasion, point loads and mechanical damage. This is what’s inside a tough and reliable hose!

Always a smooth operator

The manufacture of PU hoses is followed by GH normalization. This procedure simulates use and the hose is “run in”, so to speak: its diameter stays constant right to the end and the hose is supple to handle. We do this so that our everyday heroes are always smooth operators in the field!

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