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Exceptionally tough pressure hoses for a huge range of applications have been our passion for 150 years.

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To ensure success isn’t left hanging by a thread, but a tear-free hose. 


We at Gollmer & Hummel are the fifth generation to produce pioneering hose solutions.

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Putting out fires

Our quality promise – your life insurance! If there’s a firefighter’s heart and soul in every fiber of a hose, then it’s a hose from Gollmer & Hummel. Quality that’s tested to within an inch of its life is our way of paying respect to our everyday heroes – for the past 150 years. 01

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Firefighting hose

Hoses for liquid manure distribution

Protect the soil – reliably increase yield! A liquid manure hose combination can tackle the field even in early spring when the soil is wet or slightly frozen. Our exceptionally resistant, abrasion-proof liquid manure hoses keep moving non-stop until exactly the right quantity has been applied. 02

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Liquid manure hose

Watering crops

Stable crop yields regardless of the weather, with reliable irrigation hoses from Gollmer & Hummel!  These “lifelines” defy the most varied stresses and strains and weather conditions.  03

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Irrigation hose

Other areas of application

Infinite possibilities! Recognizing parallels between achieved solutions and potential uses, bringing these together and ensuring in-house quality assurance is the Gollmer & Hummel approach that enables us to create high-quality hoses. What DNA does your personal hose solution need? 04

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Hose for special applications

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