Reliable water transfer from wells

Drinking water hoses that are coupled to a pump and lowered into a well to act as risers also carry the power supply to the pump.

To do this, the power cable is fastened to the hose by guide tabs spaced a certain distance apart.

The hose must not buckle during this strength test, even if it’s bumped or scraped on the way down.
We know this!


GH drinking water hoses as well risers | © GH

GH water transport hoses as reliable well risers

PU WAter hoses

Real powerhouses! With optimum jacket protection, GH hoses defy extremely high tensile stresses! The jacket layer is precisely centered during extrusion – a uniform, exceptionally smooth, special layer of drinking water-safe polyurethane protects the fibers. And also the quality of the supplied drinking water.

The TPU inner layer is smooth and easy to clean effectively – true to the motto “There’s always a next time!”

Hose Abrasion resistance Tensile strength

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