Binding instructions for electrostatic non-rechargeable hoses

Step-by-step instructions: Binding of the GH HILCOFLEX OIL

please note

  • Check the hose for conductivity before binding as follows: Each copper strand must not exceed the measured value of 10 ²Ω!
  • Check the finished hose again from coupling to coupling for conductivity (<10 ²Ω).
Army green GH HILCOFLEX OIL rolled up | © GH

1) Expose copper strands approx. 6 cm and cut hose so that the copper strands protrude.

2) Fold copper strands inward.

3) Insert the binding nozzle (brass) so that the internal copper strands make contact with the brass nozzle.

4) Bind with brass wire. Recommended wire thickness: 1.4 - 1.8 mm. Then please perform pressure test.

5) Knuckle part must have a detachable M8 wing nut or a device for low-spark clamping pliers.