Type 2 fire hoses

GH Type 2 fire hoses have the same design as the Type 1, but with an additional protective outer coating:


With multi-ply warp threads of high-tenacity polyester yarn, circular woven in twill weave and lining of high-grade EPDM rubber, they are lightweight, flexible and tough. 


Thanks to their highly abrasion-resistant synthetic outer coating, GH Type 2 fire hoses boast increased resistance to heat, oil and chemicals. 

Type 2 fire hoses

Our recommendation for type 2 fire hoses

Hose Flexibility Bending radius Abrasion resistance

Lightweight – flexible – tough!
What makes a good hose?

If there’s a firefighter’s heart and soul in every fiber of a hose, then it’s a hose from Gollmer & Hummel that you can rely on. 


Quality that’s tested to within an inch of its life is our way of paying respect to our everyday heroes – for the past 150 years.


Hoses that don’t just meet the standard but also stand up to practical use are our passion.


How do we do this?

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Extinguishing attack car fire with GH fire hose | © GH

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