What makes a good fire fighting hose?

Discover more than 150 years of expertise of hose development

Recommentation fire hoses

Quality check
Is meeting the standards enough?

So far, the sole priority of competitive products has been to meet the standards. For us, that’s not enough, because we know from over 150 years of experience what really matters in practice


4-ply standard models only satisfy the required standards by using a huge amount of extra material.


The result is a massive, immovable hose that can’t fit in the hose basket without getting damaged. Equipped like this, a firefighter’s heroic deeds are literally very heavy duty indeed.


With GH hoses, it’s different – and we have the proof!

Extinguishing attack car fire with GH fire hose | © GH

Heroic GH hoses 

We know this and design hoses that exceed the standards: reliable work equipment for everyday heroes. With us, it’s possible!


  • GH 4Z weave system
  • GH flatline vulcanization and EPDM lining 


All hoses are regularly tested in our own quality laboratory.

Tight bending radius

High abrasion resistance

High-quality materials

Supple properties

Resistant to impact and friction

Performance reserves

GH Titan Attack
Orange GH TITAN ATTACK as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Bending radius


GH Titan X-Treme Gelb
Neonyellow GH TITAN X-TREME as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Bending radius
Fire resistance

Exceeds standards

GH Titan Combat
White GH TITAN COMBAT as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Bending radius

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GH 4Z weave system
Tight bending radius

The hose is designed to give the weft thread the best possible protection against damage. If the weft thread suffers any damage at all, the hose quickly becomes unfit for purpose. Seen from the outside, the weft thread is largely concealed by the GH 4Z weave system 


Image on right: In the TITAN COMBAT NEON (above), the white weft thread can barely be seen, whereas the orange weft thread of the conventionally designed TITAN 3F NEON (below) is plain to see


Unlike competitive products, Gollmer & Hummel satisfies LS2 and LS3 requirements without using a much greater amount of material – thanks to the GH 4Z weave system:

  • GH hoses of these performance classes are far more supple and flexible
  • The weft yarn protection also defends the hose against abrasion and maintains the flow
  • Durable and tough hoses with a minimal bending radius


Need proof?

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In the TITAN COMBAT NEON (top), the white weft thread is barely visible - in comparison, the orange weft thread of the TITAN 3F NEON (bottom) with a conventional construction is clearly visible. | © GH

Example bending radius
GH versus DIN standard (924mm): 

- C/42 TITAN X-TREME 420mm
- C42/ TITAN COMBAT 540mm
- C/42 TITAN 3F 620mm
- C/42 TITAN ATTACK 420mm

Example abrasion test*
GH versus DIN standard: 
- L3 DIN requirement 600 -> C42/TITAN X-TREME 800
- L2 DIN requirement 400 -> C/42 TITAN COMBAT 600
- L1 DIN requirement 200 -> C/42 TITAN 3F 250

*Abrasion test: The DIN working pressure of 16 bar must be achieved after the given number of revolutions. 

GH lining and flatline vulcanization for layflat GH hoses

Lining &
GH FLATLINE vulcanization

What’s inside matters

good inside and out

The rubberized lining was made necessary by the evolutionary transition from natural fibers such as hemp to synthetic fibers, as these don't swell in contact with water. Without the rubber lining, the hose would leak! 


Gollmer & Hummel exclusively uses EPDM instead of SBR for the extremely smooth lining, and therefore achieves

  • considerably better resistance to UV, ozone and chemicals
  • Hot water suitability 
  • High flow rates
  • Pressure resistance


During GH flatline vulcanization, the lining is “married” to the inner hose by steam.


The finished product remains very flat and fits effortlessly in any hose basket or GH hose pack carrying system!

The picture shows a hose basket filled with GH hose in the fire truck | © GH

the bodyguard for your hoses

Impact and friction protection is required for DIN performance levels 2 and 3. We recommend also using the GH HOSE GUARD for performance level 1, to extend the life of your hoses.

It protects the hose at the end of the binding from defects, such as damage to the lining from external influences. 

GH EASY-FIX evo 2 -
Binding made easy

With the GH EASY-FIX EVO 2 we developed ourselves, fitting and removing pressure couplings is child’s play, even for untrained users: save time and money compared with conventional wire binding.

Conventional DIN pressure couplings (2008 or later) in sizes C/42, C/52 and B/75 can be used.

We designed and developed this assembly device because everyday heroes have more important things to do!

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