GH Irrigation hoses -
Always on the move

Irrigation drag hoses that supply water to fully mobile systems such as pivot or traveler units are constantly on the move!

They are dragged without cease over every stick and stone and put up with every discomfort.

This is made possible by the special techniques used in Gollmer & Hummel production.

Hoses that supply water to fully mobile equipment such as pivot or traveler systems | © GH

GH feeder hoses for fully mobile agricultural irrigation systems

PU feeder and drag hose for sprinkler / irrigation systems:
Maneuverable & robust

The jacket layer is meticulously centered during extrusion – this way, a 100% uniform PU layer protects the fibers both inside and out.

To make the hose supple and able to follow every twist and turn without harm, the hose is normalized after extrusion. GH normalization simulates use of the hose – it is “run in”, so to speak, and becomes extremely flexible.

Hose Abrasion resistance Bending radius Tensile strength Flexibility


Read about the climatic conditions that GH hoses have to cope with at Möri Kartoffel- und Gemüsebautechnik and other farms in our brochure!