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Flat & reelable: manure hose

Top recommendations for pressure hoses as feeder hose and drag hose for hosing slurry and digestate

highly flexible manure hose -
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Freen GH HILCOFLEX PU L small | © GH
as feeder hose


Inside diameter 52 mm - 356 mm

Orange GH HILCOFLEX PU DRAG small | © GH
as drag hose


Inside diameter 76 mm - 180 mm

What is the cost of liquid manure hosing?
What influences the costs?

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered across the board, but as a rule of thumb, the larger the acreage and the amount of slurry, the cheaper it will be.


The costs are also influenced by the distance over which the slurry has to be pumped and ultimately the hosing technology, agricultural technology and machines they choose.


GH slurry hoses are available with different coupling systems: 

  • Storz hose coupling for clamping ring
  • Shug coupling

>> Overview hose coupling agricultural hoses


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