Water feed hoses

An inexhaustible source during oil and gas production

Product overview

Reliable water Transfer
Go with the flow

Before gas and oil can flow, water has to flow first! Because when you’re exploiting natural gas and oil deposits through fracking or drilling, besides all the technology, water is used as well. A lot of water.


However, since oil or gas reserves are rarely right next to a sufficiently large water source, vast quantities of water have to be transfered reliably to the extraction site.


The extraction sites must not come to a standstill due to an interrupted water supply – even in searing heat or bone-chilling minus temperatures with snow and ice.


We understand this, and develop tough layflat water transfer hoses with a large diameter and a “thick skin”!

A worker at a drilling rig for oil gas production | © GH

Layflat Water transfer hoses –
an elevated understanding of challenges

Water transport hose as a working tool in the extraction of mineral resources | © GH
Water Transfer hoses
for gas and oil extraction

You need the matching & safe coupling for water transfer hose?

Discover GH Victaulic - The aluminium layflat hose coupling for mine dewatering and oil and gas production!

Concentrated hose quality

One thing is certain: sooner or later, sensitive and unwieldy hoses usually cause trouble. They are uneconomical and pose a risk to people and the environment. 


For over 150 years, we have been thinking beyond industry boundaries in our hose development. Every GH hose incorporates knowledge from a vast range of applications, and every production step is designed precisely for the hose’s subsequent use. 


We therefore succeed in endowing our water transfer hoses with ideal properties for gas and oil extraction

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High tensile strength

Resistant to abrasion

Withstands abrasion and mechanical stress

Compact when wound up

Flexible at low temperatures


HILCOFLEX PU – Durable for water transfer

GH Hilcoflex PU
Black GH HILCOFLEX PU as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Bending radius

Enclosed with precision

We create the basis for tough and durable hoses, in which the jacket layer is not enclosed by PU or rubber any old how, but precisely centered in the hose. Good protection like this makes the hose durable and tough.


PU hoses are also finished in the GH normalization process. This simulates use of the hose and makes it flexible and easy to handle. Everything you desire for reliable water transfer!


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