GH Layflat Hose for Roof Graveling

Graveling a roof protects the layer of bitumen sealing a flat roof from environmental influences such as heat, UV and ozone, so it remains functional for longer.

When a roof is graveled by hose, this doesn’t just have to withstand external forces – it also has to cope with the abrasive material it is spraying.

Otherwise, the jacket will be damaged and the hose will have to take early retirement!

For roof graveling, GH hoses are used that withstand abrasive media such as gravel | © GH

GH layflat hose for blowing gravel onto roofs

Through thick and thin

The Hilcoflex PU Roof is based on the Hilcoflex PU, our powerhouse for agriculture. This special hose has a thicker lining for handling the internal stress.

And because it’s a GH layflat hose, it is more lightweight than a thick-walled semi-rigid model and saves space during storage and transport.

Hose Flexibility Abrasion resistance, internal

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