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Abrasion resistance
Tensile strength

GH Hilcoflex Agro Extra Super Heavy Agricultural hose with rubberized lining and jacket

At a glance


Material construction

Jacket lining:

  • Warp: High-tenacity polyester, reinforced design
  • Weft: Polyamide/polyester, circular woven
  • The special jacket construction ensures outstanding adhesion, tight bending radii and much lower pressure loss compared to a 100% polyester jacket lining
  • Very little elongation under pressure thanks to a special weaving and vulcanization process
  • Totally embedded in the rubber, offering optimum protection against mechanical damage

Rubberized lining and jacket:

  • Very high-grade NBR/PVC compound, extruded through the weave in a special one-step production process
  • Special additives in the compound guarantee outstanding resistance to aging and ozone
  • Inside: Very smooth for minimal pressure loss
  • Outside: Reinforced cover and strong longitudinal ribs for extremely high abrasion resistance


  • Unbeatable resistance to aging and ozone
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance, even on difficult ground surfaces
  • Very good resistance to fertilizers, agricultural chemicals and microorganisms
  • Very high tensile strength, low pressure loss and elongation
  • Excellent adhesion between the rubber and jacket lining
  • Tough and durable


Inside diameter in mm Weight in g/m Wall thickness in mm Working pressure in bar Max. working pressure in bar Burst pressure in bar Tear resistance in kg
127 2100 4.5 15 18 45 17,000
150 2700 4.5 14 17 42 17,900

Specifications apply only to the hose. The potential working pressure may be lower than specified above for hose lines with couplings due to the nominal pressure of the couplings or the type of assembly.

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