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Abrasion resistance
Tensile strength

GH Protectoflex EPDM Tough protective hose with outer cover of high-grade EPDM rubber

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Material construction

Jacket lining:

  • High-tenacity polyester yarn, circular woven
  • Specially designed for high tensile strength
  • Low frictional resistance when pulling over surfaces

Outer coating:

  • High-grade EPDM rubber


  • High abrasion resistance
  • Extremely tough, hard-wearing and durable
  • Resistant to oil, gasoline and chemicals
  • Resistant to aging and ozone
  • Easy to assemble thanks to low frictional resistance of inner structure
  • Stays flexible at cold temperatures


No pressure specifications, as this is a protective hose. 


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Inside diameter in mm Weight in g/m Wall thickness in mm
38 * 185 1.5
52 260 1.7
60 290 1.7

Diameters marked * available on request.

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