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Re-binding of agricultural PU hoses

No more dirty tricks: how to succeed in the re-binding!

Coupling on and moving on?
In practice, it is often not that simple

Social media platforms are used by farmers worldwide to exchange information about the difficulties and everyday challenges also in dealing with agricultural hoses and to ask openly: "How are you doing it?". One question that has many answers is "How do I manage to rebind a used slurry hose?"


The non-professional thinks - well of course - cut it off and remount the coupling, that's it. But anyone who has ever tried this knows that it is not quite so simple. On the one hand, of course, this depends on which coupling system is used.

binding sytems for agricultural hoses
GH HILCOFLEX PU DRAG bound with Storz clamping ring | © GH

STORZ SEGment binding
our recommendation

Thomas Heidle, agricultural expert at Gollmer & Hummel for over 25 years, recommends the binding with Storz clamping ring:

"This coupling variant prevents snagging while protecting the sensitive area at the spigot end. The STORZ segment binding coupling is available in the common dimensions. The (re)binding can be done easily and quickly!


There are a few factors to be taken into account during assembly, such as the distance between the clamping ring and the knuckle part and the gap dimension between the segments. During assembly, the hose is pushed onto the spigot at a right angle. Now the clamping ring is opened and positioned over the hose with a gap of approx. 7 mm.


Now all screws of the clamping ring can be tightened evenly by hand, then tighten all screws with the torque specified according to the dimension.

The hose diameter is crucial ...
If the hose diameter changes over time, things get tricky

But there is one problem: in many PU hoses that are in use, the diameter changes in the use in the course of time - the hose is getting larger in diameter.


As a result, the first assembly step - putting the hose over the nozzle - is unsuccessful and you have to reach into your bag of tricks to make the hose usable again.


Thomas Heidle knows: "Farmers are very inventive in their plight. Tips circulate such as heating the coupling, lubricating the hose and coupling with dishwashing liquid, cooling the end of the hose strongly, and so on. But it is infinitely tedious and cumbersome.

Our credo at Gollmer & Hummel is to make working with hose as pleasant and easy as possible for the user. Be it during re-banding or overall handling of the hose.


We develop agricultural hoses for slurry hosing or hoses as water supply for irrigation systems in such a way that the diameter of our PU hoses never changes and they are not stubborn and board-like in handling. From the first to the last use.


Should a new binding then actually be necessary, this can be done in just a few steps - without any tricks. If the hoses are needed elsewhere, they can be rolled up and transported to save space."

Key step in the production of PU hoses
What makes the difference at GOLLMER & Hummel?

The decisive step in the production of PU hoses that other manufacturers do not take is the special GH normalization at Gollmer & Hummel.


With this production step after extrusion, Gollmer & Hummel ensures that the finished PU hose such as the GH HILCOFLEX PU with these properties is the optimum working material for irrigation and slurry hosing in agriculture:


  • Stable in diameter
  • Flexible
  • Can be rolled up compactly
  • Smooth handling


If you want to hose slurry and irrigate fields efficiently without any surprises, rely on GH quality when choosing a hose!

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