Heavy duty dewatering hoses

Technology change in mining for mine dewatering: 
Submersible pumps for dewatering are easy to install and much more cost-effective, as they completely eliminate the need to build underground pumping stations. This pumping system also allows access to areas that were previously inaccessible and can now be mined once all the water has been pumped out.


For pit dewatering in mines or construction sites, only the toughest hoses are candidates – the ones that are also reliable and flexible the next day, and the next!


Underground is no place for a normal hose!
GH hoses for pit dewatering are specially designed for high continuous working pressures. They can remove large volumes of water, such as rainwater, from a mine quickly and safely while maintaining workplace safety - essential for efficient mine draining, which is important for mining companies! 

GH hoses are used for dewatering mines | © GH

GH hoses are used for mine dewatering

PU dewatering hose

The PU is extruded through the weave in a one-step production process. This gives the finished dewatering hose its quality: it is particularly suitable for high working pressure and resists heavy abrasion. UV radiation, ozone, heat, frost, ice, snow and rough terrain do not bother it. GH PU hoses are therefore highly resistant to abrasion and last 4–5 times longer than nitrile hoses! 

Equipped with the appropriate quick coupling, abrasion-resistant GH dewatering flat hoses are the reliable, always ready-to-use, mobile pipeline solution with high operating comfort that contributes to the efficiency and profitability of your mine.  

Hose Abrasion resistance Flexibility

Rubberized dewatering hose

Hose Abrasion resistance Flexibility

You need the matching & safe coupling for water transfer hose?

Discover GH Victaulic - The aluminium layflat hose coupling for mine dewatering and oil and gas production!

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