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Looking for a tough hose for your building site? 
We have something for you ... 

A construction site is no place for kid gloves! Like any building site in the world – for demolition, road building, tunnel construction – it’s a tough place.


This means that for construction hoses transporting or pumping out water from A to B, life is hard and often very short.


If it’s going to be dragged to and fro in the dust over rubble or concrete, quality is what decides its lifespan.


But the people who do their best and work all out on building sites also benefit from good hose quality.

GH Construction hoses that transport or pump water from A to B. | © GH

Layflat hoses –
an elevated understanding for everyday heroes

Wherever liquid building materials such as concrete, mortar or screed are delivered to the construction site and filled directly into formwork without splashing or walls are plastered, flexible concrete and mortar hoses come in handy. | © GH
Construction/industrial hoses
A tough cookie that stays the course
Water transport with GH hoses is simply very easy, because they are about one third lighter than rubber hoses | © GH
Water hoses
Hard-wearing and semi-rigid

Make the construction site that bit better

No hose is irreplaceable – but why keep buying new hoses when there are highly resistant quality hoses that reliably transport water and facilitate physical labor at the building site?


We know how hard the construction business is – our tough, reliable construction hoses make it that bit easier!

Resistant to abrasion



Compact when wound up

Tight bending radius

Resistant to aging


GH Hilcoflex
Black GH HILCOFLEX as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Stability under pressure

Titan 2F

GH Titan 2F
White GH TITAN 2F as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Stability under pressure

Herkules 2F

GH Herkules 2F (Beregnung)
Red GH HERKULES 2F as a hose roll | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Bending radius



In good shape

Tough GH construction hoses keep their promises and are available in various quality grades. They weigh less and are lighter to carry around than thick-walled, semi-rigid hoses of solid rubber. Reeling off:  they also cut a fine figure when winding and unwinding!

Hose for every purpose

Manufactured from selected high-quality materials, a GH construction hose is the helpful soul on the building site that certainly doesn’t need to be handled with kid gloves: these coated fabric or rubber-extruded hoses can withstand the harsh conditions on any building site.


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