Binding System:

Fitting pressure couplings is child’s play

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Easier hose binding
for heroes

Binding the hose with wire is always a tedious job.


The GH Easy-Fix evo 2 makes heroes’ work easier – turning reliable assembly and dismantling into child’s play. Save time, money and stress compared with conventional wire binding. 


With our system, you can continue to use your conventional DIN pressure couplings (2008 or later) in sizes D/25, C/42, C/52 and B/75. 


Das GH Easy-Fix evo 2 Montagesystem kann horizontal oder vertikal auf der Werkfläche montiert werden. 


  • All GH EASY-FIX components are reusable
  • With our retrofit kit consisting of an inner and outer sleeve, you can use your existing DIN pressure couplings
  • The hose is pressed with an interlocking fit so it cannot slip
  • The cone-shaped outer sleeve also acts as an edge glider and prevents the hose from getting caught on obstacles such as edges, corners and steps
  • Save time and money
  • Easy to use
  • Safe assembly


Assembly instructions (PDF)

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The hose binding system from Gollmer & Hummel can also be mounted vertically on the work surface | © GH

what must be considered?
choosing the inner sleeve

B/75 - Size 1 (black inner ring) 

  • for hose walls 1,9mm - 2,1mm
  • fits for all Gollmer & Hummel textile hoses
    (exceptional hose GH TITAN X-TREME - please choose size 2)

B/75 - Size 2 (blue inner ring)

  • for hose walls 2,2mm - 2,5mm
  • fits for hose GH TITAN X-TREME


C/42 (green inner ring)

  • fits for hose walls 1,6mm - 2,0mm


C/52 (red inner ring)

  • for hose walls 1,6mm - 2,0mm


D/25 (black inner ring)

  • for hose walls 1,6mm - 2,0mm


Video tutorial
The hose binding system from Gollmer & Hummel can also be mounted vertically on the work surface | © GH

Which GH hoses can I use?

All GH fabric hoses. Despite having the right wall thickness, the properties of PU hoses mean that unfortunately they are not suitable.

Can I also use hoses from other manufacturers?

We have tested various models for compatibility. Basically, each hose must be tested for the correct diameter and wall thickness before assembly, and must undergo a pressure test according to DIN 14811 after assembly.

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