GH EASY-FIX evo 2 Assembly Instructions

Step by step guide - Valid for sizes C42/52 and B75

The assembly instructions for D25 can be found here >>

General safety notes
for mounting with GH EASY-FIX evo 2

The following work steps and safety instructions do not release the user from his general safety and due diligence obligations when handling technical equipment.


  • The system is designed for use with Storz pressure couplings in accordance with the currently applicable standards (DIN 14302, DIN 14303, DIN 14332).
  • The hose end must be cut straight.
  • When properly assembled/disassembled, the inner/outer rings can be used several times.
  • To check the correct assembly of the hose coupling, the hose line must be pressurized with a working pressure of 16 bar for 60 seconds.
  • When using the GH EASY-FIX system, no locking rings must be used.
Download assembly instruction

Determining inner ring sizes
Based on hose wall thickness in mm

  • C42 1,6-2,0 mm - neon yellow
  • C52 1,6-2,0 mm - red
  • B75 Gr.1 1,7-1,9 mm - black
  • B75 Gr.2 2,0-2,2 mm - magenta

Step 1
for C42

Sequence of components for mounting: The ledge of the inner ring must point in the direction of the coupling ...

... and the groove of the inner ring must be positioned opposite the recess.

Step 1
For C 52 / B 75

The tapered side of the inner ring must point in the direction of the outer ring.

Following Steps

The outer ring must be placed manually next to the inner ring.

Putting on

The inner ring must fit exactly into the outer ring.


The notch of the outer ring must be placed in the form.

Turn in

(a) When adjusting the lug in the fixture, (b) please check it is turned in correctly, (c) until it is locked.


Please put in the front plate before pressing the parts together. Press by pressing lever until stop.

Testing After pressing

After pressing and fitting please check according to the safety instructions. The disassembly of the GH EASY-FIX-System is carried out in a reverse order.

Download assembly instruction (pdf)