Compressed air hoses

For everyday heroes under pressure

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Powerhouses on the job
Handle the pressure safely

Pneumatic tools are used in many fields – industry, construction, mining and tunnel construction, geothermal heat and well drilling.


A compressor generates compressed air, which a hose feeds to the tool, which in turn causes the mechanism to move. Pneumatic tools are real powerhouses!


This power is also felt by the compressed air hose. GH compressed air hoses have a safety factor of 1:4 for working pressure to burst pressure.


And it gets hot, too! Immediately after compression, the compressed air has a temperature of between 70 and 200°C. If the temperature cannot be considerably reduced after compression, there is a risk of the compressed air hose becoming detached from the coupling to the compressor or tool.


The hose then becomes  an unpredictable weapon! This risk increases with a larger hose diameter and higher pressure.


We are aware of these dangers and design GH compressed air hoses so that they are averted. And there are more GH benefits to discover …

LayFlat & Dimensionally Stable Compressed Air Hoses–
an elevated understanding for everyday heroes

The GH compressed air hose is laid to the place where the compressed air is needed to work - the compressor simply stops! | © GH
Layflat hoses
Lightweight and tough
The dimensionally stable compressed air hose is a real lightweight. Space-saving reeled onto the compressor, you can start working immediately! | © GH
Semi-rigid fabric hoses
Immediately ready for use

They can handle the pressure

For our compressed air hoses, we use special heat-resistant materials and a jacket layer that is meticulously centered during extrusion, so that the fibers have the best protection and the hose has maximum tensile strength.


This combination of factors produces hoses that are streets ahead of conventional compressed air hoses in terms of durability, heat resistance up to 110°C, adhesion of bonded plies, low pressure loss and minimal elongation.

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Tight bending radius


Excellent adhesion of bonded plies


Compact when wound up

Low pressure loss

Easy to handle under high pressure: GH compressed air hose

GH Drillflex
Abrasion resistance

Robust specialist for compressed air

GH Hilcoflex Spezial
Yellow GH HILCOFLEX SPEZIAL as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Heat resistance

flexible under pressure

GH Hilcoflex
Black GH HILCOFLEX as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance

Make it easier for yourself

Our elevated understanding of hoses and applications is constantly put into practice in our development and design – as a result, GH compressed air hoses are up to a third lighter and considerably more flexible to handle than mandrel-wound industrial hoses.

Safety first - hose binding for compressed Air hoses

Specially engineered fittings and protective sleeves ensure even more safety in operation. We think ahead so that everyday heroes don’t come under pressure!


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