Hose solutions

For disaster control and the military

when every move has to be just right

Gollmer & Hummel score highly in flexibility and durability, which is especially vital for military operations and disaster control. Because at the deployment sites, troops can’t usually rely on an intact infrastructure for their supplies.


With disaster control, this is particularly the case for supplies of water or drinking water. Where the military is concerned, the main focus is on supplying fuel and refueling.


Once the flexible hose system is in operation, it must ensure a supply, reliably and without needing care or maintenance. Even in the unlikeliest environment.


The DNA of reliable hoses is our passion!

Camp in which hoses are used to supply the people | © GH

Layflat hoses –
an elevated understanding of challenges

GH hoses as flexible pipelines for refueling and fuel transport in military and disaster control applications. | © GH
Fuel transport & refueling
GH hoses for drinking water supply protect drinking water quality | © GH
Water transport & drinking water supply

Made for extreme situations

Hoses for transporting fuel for the military have outstanding abrasion resistance. They can withstand oil, gasoline, various chemicals, heat, UV rays, ozone, and even cuts.


The hose body features strands for electrostatic discharge, and enables the couplings to connect electrically when transferring fuel. Always quickly to hand and rolled up small in a trice.


This also applies to our GH drinking water transport specialists. You can simply rely on them – without a doubt!


Water is the dominant topic in disaster control: pumping quantities of water, supplying people with clean drinking water. Speed is of the essence for both helpers and materials, to stop extreme situations from escalating. Drinking water mustn’t be contaminated during transport.


GH hoses for supplying drinking water or drainage can cover long distances that are hazardous to hoses: sharp stones, rough scree, merciless heat and the vagaries of the weather are lying in wait.


We know this, and design GH water transport hoses so that water can be supplied and drained through them with absolute reliability.

Resistant to abrasion

Withstands mechanical stress

Compact when wound up

Supple handling

Reliable and flexible

Sturdy water lifelines

GH Hilcoflex Aqua
Blue GH HILCOFLEX AQUA as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Stability under pressure

Electrically conductive

GH Hilcoflex Oil
Army green GH HILCOFLEX OIL as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Stability under pressure

Pliable & hard-wearing

During the production process, the jacket lining is centered in special PU and forms the hard-wearing yet pliable backbone of the finished hose.

For PU hoses, GH normalization takes place after production for extra flexibility – for practicality during use and winding up.


A hose that’s used to transport fuel or for refueling must be conductive, so that the electrostatic charge doesn’t discharge with a spark. We know this, and equip our hoses with a metal strand. 


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