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Flexible drinking water supply

Which protects potable water, our No. 1 food, better: the pipeline or the drinking water hose?

Safeguard potable water quality
Essential for survival

Every child knows that water means life. If there are supply bottlenecks with clean drinking water due to a burst pipe or in the event of a disaster, potable water can be safely transferred to the place of need through drinking water hoses, for example in the event of a disaster or at city and municipal waterworks.

Overview drinking water supply

Transport of potable water
Drinking water where it is needed

Drinking water hoses from Gollmer & Hummel such as the GH HILCOFLEX AQUA or also the GH TITAN LBM PU are ideal for transporting drinking water.


In order to meet the various challenges, the drinking water hose must be


  • resistant to tensile forces
  • robust
  • flexible
  • wear-resistant
  • resistant to aging & ozone

Disinfectants must not affect it either. Furthermore, germs, bacteria or microorganisms must not be allowed to settle.

Well water extraction
Pipeline or flat hose?

Compared to temporary rigid drinking water lines for well water pumping, GH drinking water hoses are flexible and bendable despite their resistance to mechanical and weather influences. The GH RISERFLEX AQUA was developed especially as a well riser. Unlike pipelines made from individual sections, the use of flat hoses does not lead to corrosion and, as a result, to contamination and leaks.


Drinking water hoses as well risers can be laid anywhere without any problems and after use they can be easily cleaned, disinfected and rolled up to save space. 


GH drinking water hoses made of TPU owe these advantages to a special GH finishing process: GH normalization. In it, the PU drinking water hose becomes supple and thus outperforms any pipeline.

GH drinking water hoses as well risers | © GH

Cleaning of drinking water hoses
Quickly ready - quickly clean!

After use is before use - this also applies to GH drinking water hoses: For hose cleaning, rinsing with commercially available disinfectants or cleaning via compressed air plus softball is sufficient.

Find GH drinking water hose

GH fabric centering
Hard skin - smooth core

Gollmer & Hummel drinking water hoses are made of special drinking water polyurethane (TPU) to protect water quality: They are particularly smooth on the inside so that microbes and bacteria do not find a breeding ground.


In the special GH manufacturing process, the fabric insert is centered in the PU and optimally protected. It is the hard-wearing inner core of the finished drinking water hose, which ensures the durability and resilience of the hose!

Illustration shows that inner and outer cover around the fabric insert are continuously of the same thickness | © GH

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