Forest fire hoses

Lightweight & flexible GH Wildfire hoses
for fire fighting in forest and field

The climate is changing - summers are getting drier. The most common cause of forest fires is arson through carelessness. A small spark is enough to set the fire ablaze.


The operation in a forest fire must be well prepared and well thought out: Forest fire hoses, like special picks and patches as tools, are absolutely part of the firefighters' equipment when fighting forest fires.


If the terrain is difficult to access, there are practical backpacks or the GH hose pack carrying system especially for forest fires as a hose reserve.

Firefighters in action at forest fire with hose package. | © GH

GH forest fire hoses: By your side when the going gets hot

Lightweight, flexible & minimal bending radius: GH hoses for fighting vegetation fires, wildfires and forest fires withstand embers & fire! 


For extreme situations in vegetation fire fighting, Gollmer & Hummel has developed hose solutions for everyday heroes that stand up to the flames! Of course in proven GH quality with low bending radius and enormously high abrasion resistance.


Hose Abrasion resistance Bending radius Fire resistance

Flame resistant forest fire hose

GH Progress Flame
Red GH PROGRESS FLAME as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Bending radius
Fire resistance

Self moistening wildfire hose

GH Titan Flame
Orange GH TITAN FLAME as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Fire resistance

Optimal hose reserve for carrying basket / carrying system

GH Titan X-Treme Gelb
Neonyellow GH TITAN X-TREME as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Bending radius
Fire resistance

GH TITAN FLAME: First self moistening wildfire hose
engineered by gollmer & hummel

  • Ideal D-hose for forest fire fighting
  • Self-moistening due to perforation
  • water loss 2 liters/minute at 6 bar on 100 m
  • no fountain formation even at >60 bar
  • very small bending radius, thus fewer kinks = longer service life
  • enormously high abrasion resistance due to GH 4Z weaving system
  • over 100 bar burst pressure for high performance reserves
  • high visibility due to contrast weave
  • standard protective sleeve GH HOSEGUARD protects the coupling area
  • corrosion-resistant hose binding with stainless steel wire
  • minimized twisting tendency and elongation
  • very good adhesion values between rubber and fabric
  • Recommended by @fire Internationaler Katastrophenschutz e.V.


Data sheet GH TITAN FLAME >>

What are the features of GH fire fighting hoses? 

Safely Advancing to the Heart of the Fire

In vegetation and wildland firefighting, the courageous efforts of firefighters on the ground are indispensable. This is because trees do not burn as quickly if there is no heat energy, i.e. heat, coming from the ground. In addition, adjacent forests or buildings are wetted with water to contain the spread of flames.

The big challenge is getting to the source of the fire. We know!


Things to know about fighting forest fires & tips on hose management for wildland firefighting:

Forest fire experts knowledge
Forest fire hose from Gollmer & Hummel in use: with minimal bending radius maximum flexibility in the field.  | © GH

Forest fire & wildfire - Questions & Answers

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Lightweight – flexible – tough!
What makes a good hose?

If there’s a firefighter’s heart and soul in every fiber of a hose, then it’s a hose from Gollmer & Hummel that you can rely on. 


Quality that’s tested to within an inch of its life is our way of paying respect to our everyday heroes – for the past 150 years.


Hoses that don’t just meet the standard but also stand up to practical use are our passion.


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