lightweight Fast attack hoses

Fast attack is the best strategy when garbage cans, containers or automobiles are burning and small quantities of retardant are required fast to fight the fire.

A coiled, semi-rigid hose is part of the firefighting equipment. It is connected to a water tank in the fire truck via a pump.

Firefighters can start to extinguish the flames even while the hose is unwinding, whereas conventional semi-rigid hoses often get tangled due to impacts on the reel. Then, the fast attack isn’t fast enough! We know this!

GH hoses for effective rapid attack on small fires | © GH

GH fire hoses for fast attack

Fast extinguishing – fast winding up again!

We design our GH hoses with the GH 4Z weave system so that, unlike competitive products, they can give their full performance and cope with maximum pressure even while still partly rolled up.

Monofilament spirals in the weft mean the hose keeps its shape in all situations. With the high-grade EPDM lining, the fast attack hose


  • is also flexible at low temperatures,
  • suitable for hot water and
  • use under high pressure of up to 40 bar.

Approved according to standard DIN EN 1947.

Hose Abrasion resistance Bending radius

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