Reliable lifeline:
Flat hoses as water supply line for drip irrigation

When the rains don’t come, the pressure’s on!

Both for the farmer and the feeder hoses and irrigation lines for drip irrigation.

The hoses used here have to keep the water pressure constant, so that enough life-giving water reaches the very last corner.

Drip irrigation in potato cultivation | © GH

GH feeder hoses for supplying water for drip irrigation

Uniformly dripping wet

Thanks to their special jacket construction, GH feeder hoses for drip irrigation barely suffer from elongation.

What’s more, the jacket is fully embedded in PVC and has optimum protection against mechanical damage. The exceptionally smooth inside guarantees minimal pressure loss.

Hose Abrasion resistance Pressure


Read about the climatic conditions that GH hoses have to cope with at Möri Kartoffel- und Gemüsebautechnik and other farms in our brochure!