Dewatering hoses & well risers

Hose power for transporting water

Underground hoses
Flexible without compromise

GOLLMER & HUMMEL dewatering hoses are designed for combining with a suitable pump and draining pits in mines. They are the ultimate contenders for this challenging job: they feel their way through the ground flexibly and untroubled by abrasion. They don’t kowtow to heat, frost, ice or snow.


When accessing wells, the water is conveyed to the surface with a riser and pumps. If the well water has a high mineral content, corrosion will occur in normal risers, in which the individual sections are connected to one another. The solution is to use layflat drinking water hoses as flexible risers!

GH hoses are used for dewatering mines | © GH

Layflat hoses –
an elevated understanding of challenges

GH Construction hoses that transport or pump water from A to B. | © GH
Dewatering hoses
GH drinking water hoses as well risers | © GH
Hoses for well risers

Flat & flexible instead of stubborn

Pumps and equipment for dewatering in mines or supplying drinking water from wells are constantly in motion – rigid and stubborn pipelines can’t handle this for long!


Exceptionally hard-wearing layflat high-pressure hoses are fabricated in one piece. No joins, no weld seams, no connections – no corrosion!


Armed inside and out with PU specifically for their intended use, they can withstand minerals, chemicals and oil. And protect the precious well water quality from contamination.

Resistant to abrasion


Withstands mechanical stress

Compact when wound up

Supple handling


One hose for every purpose

GH Hilcoflex
Black GH HILCOFLEX as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Stability under pressure

A multi-talented tough guy

GH Hilcoflex PU
Green GH HILCOFLEX PU L as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Bending radius
Stability under pressure

The No. 1 drinking water guardian


does what you want

We normalize our PU hoses after extrusion. In other words, actual hose usage is simulated. Consequently, GH PU hoses are smoother and more flexible to handle and can be wound up small.

Quality at its core

The hose is endowed with its absolute resistance during production: when extruding PU or rubber hoses, we take meticulous care to ensure that the jacket lining is centered in the hose body. This way, the inner and outer protective layers are uniformly thick – the jacket layer is the well-protected core. Ready for a strong hose performance!


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