Flat potable water hose as flexible drinking water pipe & hose riser

Drinking water suitable flat hoses for temporary supply of potable water & flexible hose risers for pumping well water.

Product overview

What role does safe potable water play?
Flat hoses for drinking water supply

Access to clean drinking water is a significant component of infrastructure worldwide, and large-scale water distribution is a challenge.


Flat pressure hoses for potable water supply can be used for static and portable water sources, often replacing unsafe, traditional water transport methods.


For the population, access to clean, potable water minimizes the risk of waterborne disease transmission.


Provision of potable water
always and everywhere with pressure hoses suitable for drinking water

For events, large-scale events, festivals, city festivals, in contrast to drinking water supply emergencies, the aim is to provide drinking quality water to many people for a short period of time in places that are not connected to a supply network.


For this purpose, highly flexible pressure hoses are planned for the provision of drinking water by water suppliers, municipalities and event organizers.


They are quickly laid, robust, flexible, easy to clean and space-saving to store.

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GH water supply hoses approved for drinking water for a temporary water supply. | © GH

Emergency water supply
Provisional water supply with flat drinking water hoses

Water, the number one basic foodstuff, does not always come from the drinking water pipeline. Hose systems are used as temporary emergency lines or bypasses for general drinking water supply in civil protection, disaster management and the military. 


Cut off by a burst water main or destroyed water pipes, those affected are soon literally left high and dry. An emergency water supply secures access to drinking water and diverts wastewater when a normal supply of water is endangered, restricted or impossible.

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Camp in which hoses are used to supply the people | © GH

Hose riser
Access to drinking water through heavy-duty pressure hose with pump cable guide

In the field of well construction, when wells are developed as a source of drinking water, the potable groundwater must be pumped from the water table to the surface. By using flat, highly flexible pressure hoses as hose risers, the water quality is protected from contamination. Loops on the hose riser suitable for potable water guide secure the pump cable.

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GH drinking water hoses as well risers | © GH

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GH hoses for drinking water supply protect drinking water quality | © GH
for safely transporting drinking water
GH drinking water hoses as well risers | © GH
Drinking water hoses
for reliable well risers

Access to drinking water is vital!

The ideal hose for transporting drinking water or well water must be strong, tough, pliable and hard-wearing, and also resistant to aging and ozone. It must also stand up to disinfectants.


To ensure that the precious water can be drunk without safety concerns, germs, bacteria and microorganisms must not be allowed to settle in the hose.


Well hose risers also bear their own weight, that of the pump – and the responsibility for a reliable water supply.


We know this, and create drinking water hoses through which vital water can flow unhindered and drinking water quality is ensured.

Find out about hose quality and advantages

Food safe

Resistant to aging and ozone

Compact when wound up


Supple to handle

Drinking water hose as a robust water vein

GH Hilcoflex Aqua
Blue GH HILCOFLEX AQUA as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance

Food specialist

Blue GH TITAN LBM PU as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance

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Pliable & hard-wearing

During the production process, the jacket lining is centered in special PU and forms the hard-wearing yet pliable backbone of the finished hose.

For PU hoses, GH normalization takes place after production for extra flexibility – for practicality during use and winding up.

Germs must stay outside

We have something against germs! To ensure the valuable water can be drunk without health qualms, firstly GH hoses are fabricated of special drinking water-safe polyurethane (TPU); secondly, the inside is especially smooth to prevent any breeding ground for microbes and bacteria.

After use, it simply needs flushing out with commercially available disinfectant, or using compressed air and a softball. We are committed to quality to keep things running cleanly every time!

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13.04.2023 Drinking Water

Hard skin - smooth core

Compared to temporary rigid drinking water pipes, GH drinking water hoses are flexible and pliable despite their resistance to mechanical and weather influences. Unlike pipelines made of individual sections, the use of drinking water hoses does not lead to corrosion and, as a result, to contamination and leaks. What makes a safe drinking water hose? Where can flat hoses be used effectively for drinking water supply?

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GH hoses for drinking water supply protect drinking water quality | © GH

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