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Hose management in indoor operations

Hose package, hose carrying basket or hose package carrying system for the hose reserve? What has been proven in practice?

A hose reserve is an indisputable part of hose management during inside operations. What accessories are there? What has been proven in practice?


According to Wikipedia, the hose basket has been carried instead of hose reels since the 1970s and was standardized as early as 1994. It is standard in many countries for the hose reserve and when advancing in the internal attack, for example in a stairwell.

hose management
... with hose carrying basket

Assuming that the attack squad lays the hose in the building itself, the top hose in the carrying basket is coupled to the distributor. When the basket is taken into the building, it empties on the way. The hose is laid to the fire apartment.


Arriving at the "hot door", the hose reserve is then laid. Care must be taken here to ensure that the escape route remains clear.

Hose carrying basket
What should be considered during filling and transport?

The surfaces of the hose carrying basket that are in contact with the hose must be checked regularly for sharp edges and burrs caused by the mounted hose couplings. Otherwise, damage to the hose may occur.


The filled carrying basket should ideally be stored upright for transport in the vehicle, so that the edge of the hose does not rub against the hose during travel due to vibrations and shocks: There are significantly fewer abrasion points during upright transport than during horizontal transport!


Despite all the care taken when packing the hose into bays in the carrying basket, practice shows that it is complicated and time-consuming to lay a hose reserve out of the hose carrying basket. If the hose reserve is subjected to water pressure, this can lead to "hose spaghetti".

Is there an alternative for hose reserve?

A good alternative is to pack the hose reserve in a circle in a hose package - without a hose basket. This saves space and unused circles can be placed on edge later in the operation. The jet pipe is connected directly. There are no tripping hazards and hose tracking is possible as a "hose loop" unrolling.

Hose package
The advantages compared to hose reserve in the hose basket

  • Easy to carry, e.g. over the shoulder or the respirator
    Hand / hands are free
  • No dead weight - only hose and jet pipe
  • No hose tangle
  • Hose reserve can be leaned vertically against a wall as a space-saving loop and unrolled
  • Rescue/escape route remains free

How to properly wind the hose package without damaging the hose?

When wrapping a hose package, the hose edge is particularly susceptible to wear. In plain language: With a winding board or other winding aid and a smooth floor or a heavy plastic tarpaulin as a base, packing is easier and the hose remains intact.

More tips for hose handling

How is a hose package fixed?

Some squads use cable ties or tape as a fixation for transporting the hose package and hope that this fixation will loosen as soon as water pressure comes into play.


The trouble: under pressure, straight cable ties cut into the hose with their edges before bursting uncontrollably. This can damage the inner core of the hose. Adhesive tape also has a similar potential for damaging the hose.


More gentle on the hose is attachment with simple tapes that must be opened manually before bursting. This requires more or less skill ...

More tips for hose handling

Fix hose package
Can you do better?

The robustly manufactured GH hose package carrying system is comfortable to pack and can be used again and again. It was specially designed to hold 30 m of C/42 or C/52 hose. In total, there are 5 velcro straps in the system, which stably fix the coiled hose at equal intervals. The installed D-rings and velcro straps play together so that the carrying system adapts individually. An ergonomically shaped handle ensures that the finished hose package lies securely in the hand.

All info about the GH hose package carrying system

GH Hose Package Carrying System

Once at the smoke line, the velcro straps are released manually. Thanks to the color-coded and easy-to-grip tabs, this is done without any problems and does not become a time-consuming task - even when wearing gloves. The hose reserve no longer needs to be laid separately!


Under pressure, the hose now unfolds into rings lying on top of each other in the smallest possible space - without any "hose tangle".

All info about the GH hose package carrying system

Hose package in hose carrying basket, hose package only, or hose package with carrying system?

In practice, both have their justified role in hose management: hose package in the carrying system and hose package in the carrying basket.


As soon as the attack team arrives at the fire dwelling with the emptied hose basket, the hose package in the carrying system is used as a time-saving and safe solution for providing the hose reserve or hose loop for rolling hose tracking.

Which GH hoses are suitable for the hose package?

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