Irrigation system circular sprinkler with GH irrigation hose as supply hose | © GH

Let the rain begin!

Why GH hoses are the reliable water supply for your sprinkler or irrigation system

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Always on the spot
GH hoses for semi-stationary distribution systems

In the case of fixed-location systems such as circle irrigation or linear irrigation, the pumping station and supply hose are permanently installed on site - only the sprinkler lines can be moved flexibly in the area.


In drip irrigation, the supply hose that feeds the irrigation lines is also stationary on the ground. 

The main characteristics of irrigation hoses of the described systems:

  • pressure stable
  • withstand UV/ozone radiation, heat, frost
Hose reeled on, providing water for sprinkler system | © GH

Water on the move
GH hoses for fully mobile systems 

In fully mobile systems such as pivot/traveller systems, the sprinkler lines, pumping station and supply hose can be used flexibly. This means the supply line is always on the move on the site and is subject to heavy mechanical stress. 

In this context, these properties are of paramount importance:

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Robust
  • Tensile
  • Stable in diameter
  • Flexible due to small bending radius
  • Smooth handling


Gollmer & Hummel irrigation hoses are optimally adapted to various climatic requirements thanks to specially developed rubber compounds and are specifically refined. They are resistant to oil, gasoline and many agricultural chemicals as well as ozone and UV radiation.

Hoses that supply water to fully mobile equipment such as pivot or traveler systems | © GH

reliable right in the middle
Centering of fabric layer

When extruding rubber or PU hoses, we meticulously center the fabric layer so that it is optimally protected against mechanical stress! Only the intact fabric guarantees a long service life and reliability in daily use of the irrigation hose.

Illustration shows that inner and outer cover around the fabric insert are continuously of the same thickness | © GH

From the first to the last use equal
GH Normalization 

For PU hoses, the special GH normalization follows after production.


The unique GH process simulates use and the hose is virtually "trained" for its use: its diameter always remains the same until the last use and the hose is supple in handling.

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