Water transport hoses

Ready, steady, water! For large fires, the fire department needs an unlimited supply of water for tackling the fire and preventing its spread. This is often the first challenge that needs to be overcome.

The water, which may be from open sources such as lakes or rivers, for example, is then conveyed through large diameter hoses to the deployment site, and covers long distances.

However, in some scenarios the water needs to be pumped quickly and reliably to the site.
We know this!

GH water transport hoses for fire fighting

Make a splash not a spillage!

We design GH water transport hoses so that water can flow or be pumped reliably, and they can deliver maximum performance with minimal elongation and low pressure loss even over long distances. 

Hose Abrasion resistance Bending radius Stability under pressure

Lightweight – flexible – tough!
What makes a good hose?

If there’s a firefighter’s heart and soul in every fiber of a hose, then it’s a hose from Gollmer & Hummel that you can rely on. 


Quality that’s tested to within an inch of its life is our way of paying respect to our everyday heroes – for the past 150 years.


Hoses that don’t just meet the standard but also stand up to practical use are our passion.


How do we do this?

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Extinguishing attack car fire with GH fire hose | © GH

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