Liquid manure hosing: Supply hoses

Gollmer & Hummel Feeder hoses 
for slurry hosing

Why is “normal” better?
After our extrusion production process, as an experienced hose manufacturer, Gollmer & Hummel carries out a final, all-important production step.


The hose is prepared for its task in the so-called GH normalization process. This procedure simulates use and the hose is “run in”, so to speak.

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Without normalization, the hose will be as stubborn and uncooperative as a board, and the hose diameter will change during use, making any future hose rebinding far more difficult. In contrast, a normalized hose is impressively supple to handle – when winding onto the reel, for instance.

And if a normalized hose needs rebinding, the coupling fits the hose like a hand in a glove, because the diameter never changes from the hose’s first use to the end of its life.

We are fully committed to “normal”, so that our everyday heroes can simply work much better in the field!

Hose Abrasion resistance Flexibility Pressure

Rubberized hoses

Hose Abrasion resistance Flexibility Pressure

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