Unlimited possibilities for hose development

GOLLMER & HUMMEL has been successfully adapting fabric hoses to a wide variety of industry requirements for over 150 years. A drinking water hose has to meet different requirements than a snow cannon hose - or an aeration hose in fish farming. Talk to us!

Product overview

What is a good hose? 
It depends ... 

A particular characteristic can be advantageous, disadvantageous or irrelevant, depending on what application you have in mind.  


How long a hose can withstand a fire, for example, is not important when choosing a water supply hose to operate a snow cannon.


But a snow cannon hose like the GH Snowblast has to be weather-resistant, pressure-resistant and extremely hard-wearing – rather like a GH compressed air hose. After all, things get tough and icy on the ski slopes.


Water has to be transported uphill against the earth’s gravitational pull without losing pressure.


The GH Mix that gives rise to high-quality hose solutions:

  • Recognizing and combining parallels between realized solutions and new applications
  • In-house quality assurance
  • Over 150 years of expertise


What DNA does your personal hose solution need?

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GH Schläuche als Wasserzuleitung für Schneekanonen | © GH

Layflat fabric hoses –
an elevated understanding of special requirements

GH Schläuche als Wasserzuleitung für Schneekanonen | © GH
Snow cannon hoses
For roof graveling, GH hoses are used that withstand abrasive media such as gravel | © GH
Hoses for blowing gravel onto roofs
Cable protection conduits for cables in mechanical engineering, automotive and electrical industry  | © GH
Protective hoses
Wherever liquid building materials such as concrete, mortar or screed are delivered to the construction site and filled directly into formwork without splashing or walls are plastered, flexible concrete and mortar hoses come in handy. | © GH
Concrete/mortar hoses
Air supply and ventilation with GH hoses | © GH
Ventilation hoses
GH hoses can be used as temporary sewage pipes / water pipes in case of pipe bursts or sewer rehabilitation | © GH
Hoses for sewage

What makes GH hoses different

The GH 4Z weave system is synonymous with a tight bending radius. The weft yarn is perfectly concealed and protected from abrasion. The hose remains supple and hard-wearing.


GH flatline vulcanization means that the hose is unwound to its full length. It is inflated with steam at a certain temperature over a certain duration. The result is a hose that is flat and supple. This makes it flexible and saves space – and your nerves – when rolling it up.


GH normalization of PU hoses is just like breaking in your favorite new shoes. With your new hose, we do this for you. This special process ensures a hose that’s easy and supple to handle – in use and when reeling up.


GH jacket centering means that the jacket lining is centered precisely during extrusion. This way, the thickness of the outer coating and inner lining can be adapted to the intended application. This 360-degree all-round protection guarantees a long-lasting hose.

GOLLMER & HUMMEL – quality Made in Germany


GH 4Z weave system

GH flatline vulcanization

GH normalization

GH jacket centering

Snow cannon hose: Let it snow!

GH Snowblast
Yellow GH SNOWBLAST as a close up | © GH
Flexibility at low temperatures
Abrasion resistance

cable protection hose

GH Protectoflex
Black GH PROTECTOFLEX as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance
Tensile strength

Roof graveling hose: A tough cookie

GH Hilcoflex PU Roof
Orange GH HILCOFLEX PU ROOF as a close up | © GH
Tensile strength
Abrasion resistance, internal

Medium weight PVC flat hose as protection hose for hydraulic lines

GH P-Flex M
Dark blue GH P-FLEX-M as a close up | © GH
Abrasion resistance

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