Liquid manure hosing

drag hoses
for liquid manure hosing

During the extrusion of feeder and drag hoses from GOLLMER & HUMMEL, the be-all and end-all is keeping the jacket lining continuously centered while it is coated with PU or rubber inside and out.


This fabric insert, embedded centered in the hose, means that even the

  • outer cover is uniformly strong and
  • the woven fabric is optimally protected.

An intact fabric ensures the tensile strength of the hose, it resists natural abrasion, point loads as well as mechanical damage.

In addition, the centered fabric ensures diameter stability. This makes it much easier to re-band the hose! 


The constantly thinner, smooth inner lining ensures that the hose is tight and there is no pressure loss during flow.

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PU Slurry hoses

Hose Abrasion resistance Flexibility Tensile strength

Rubberized slurry hoses

Hose Tensile strength Abrasion resistance Flexibility

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