GH binding variants
for fire hoses

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GH EASY-Fix binding system

The proven binding system - designed and developed by Gollmer & Hummel. 


With our system, you can continue to use your conventional DIN pressure couplings in sizes D/25, C/42, C/52, B/75.  The EASY-FIX assembly device makes assembly and disassembly child's play, even for the inexperienced.  


In addition, you benefit from the enormous time and cost savings compared to conventional wire strapping.

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GH hose bound with GH EASY FIX evo 2 binding system | © GH

Inner binding with expansion ring & NH Coupling

As a standard in the US, the NH coupling is used for the hose binding of fire hoses. It is made of aluminium / brass. There is a male and a female coupling part. 

NH coupling: female and male coupling part | © GH

DSP coupling system pressed outside

In France, the DSP coupling made of aluminum is used for the hose binding of fire hoses. The DSP coupling is a quick coupling and can be coupled with the Guillemin system. 

Standard in France: DSP coupling | © GH

Storz segment binding

This variant also prevents snagging while protecting the sensitive area at the nozzle end. Available in the common dimensions.

GH segment binding (video)
Yellow GH PROGRESS SUPPLY with Storz coupling | © GH

Binding with stainless steel

Always proven and in use everywhere. The classic among the binding variants. Available in the common dimensions. Here shown with BS coupling with a male and a female part. 

GH binding with stainless steel (video)
GH Progress tied with stainless steel wire and BS coupling | © GH

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